Hi, here you can download APK file "GunsNGlory WW2" for free, apk file version is 1.4.11 to download to your android just click this button. It's easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files
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Version history GunsNGlory WW2
New in GunsNGlory WW2 1.4.9
- Internal updates- Fixes random crash and button not reacting after level loss- Hotfix for crash on Android 2.3.x devices- Fixed in app purchases- Added immersive mode1.4.x- Fixed some remaining crashes- Fixed restore transactions- Fixed random crash on ICS- Fixed compatibility issues with certain ICS devices- Fixed bug in options menu- Fixed popups & interstitials showing despite of having ad free version- Removed OpenFeint support- Minor bugfixes- Updated SDKs
New in GunsNGlory WW2 1.4.4
Fixed problem with ads
New in GunsNGlory WW2 1.4.11
Fixed some random crashesFixed some sound effects not playing on certain devices
New in GunsNGlory WW2 1.4.10
Fixed problem with ads
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